Best Hair Color for My Skin Tone

Ready to be a brunette? Or dying to be blonde? A new hair color is an easy way to freshen up your look, but deciding on the best hair color for your skin tone can be confusing. Whether you’re looking to cover pesky grays or just want something fresh and fun, selecting the wrong shade can detract from your natural beauty rather than flatter your look. A good stylist can help you choose a hair color that complements your skin tone and lifestyle, but if you’re coloring hair at home, read on for expert tips on selecting the best hair color.

Consult a hair color expert Best Hair Colors for your Skin Tone and Eye Color

Christophe Robin, expert colorist for [...], suggests that skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color are all important clues to selecting your best hair color.

When you walk by the makeup counter at your favorite department store, knowing which products are right for your skin tone can be overwhelming, but when looking for your best hair color, all you really need to know is whether your skin tone is warm or cool.

Color for cool skin tones

Often accompanied by blond or ashy hair with blue undertones, cool skin tones tend to be olive, dark brown or pale to medium with pink undertones. Eye color is typically blue, gray, hazel or dark brown.

Cool skin tones should avoid warm hair color, which will clash with their natural coloring. It’s okay to venture away from your natural color, but another cool shade is your best hair color choice. Cool blonds can go darker, but they should stick with an ashy brown and avoid warm colors with words like honey and golden in the name. Most shades of red are too warm for cool skin tones, but those with burgundy or mahogany in the name, which contain blue undertones, can be flattering.

Color for warm skin tones

Warm skin tones can also be pale, but undertones are peach or golden. Brown tones with pink or golden undertones and complexions with lots of freckles also fall into this category. Hair color is red, golden or strawberry blonde or dark brown with red or honey highlights. Eye color is usually a lighter golden brown, warm hazel, green or blue-green.

The best hair color for warm skin tones is something rich and warm. Cool colors wash out your skin tone and make you look dull. Rich brown, warm reds and golden highlights are all great hair color choices for warm skin tones.

Remember, don’t be afraid to try something new, but if you want to find your best hair color, don’t ignore what your skin tone is telling you.


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